Friday, 14 November 2014

Pain Free Orthopedic Laser Therapy at Affordable Cost in Chennai

Laser Therapy is a treatment done by using focused light. Laser lights are lights which are tuned in to specific wavelength so that it can be focused in to powerful beams. Here for laser therapy we use Low Power Laser (LPL) .
  • This process is mainly used for reducing pain in the muscles, joints, tendons & soft tissues.
  • It is also used to enhance the healing of fractures and the tissues surrounded to it. By the process of laser therapy quick repair can be possible.
  • It is very effective for curing most of the sports related injuries or occupational injuries such as back pain or arthritis
How it is done?

This is facilitated by the regrowth of tissue by laser photons. The photons that are ejected by the laser travels to these areas at the cellular level and thus repairs the effected tissues. therapy is a pain-less procedure since it doesn’t require any surgical procedures. Compared to the traditional treatments which require surgical procedures, it doesn't have swelling, scarring and blood shut. So laser therapy is a risk free and safe treatment for recovering from orthopaedic disorders. The treatment procedure is very simple and it only require 8-10 minutes. Within 10 minutes you will be recovered from the problem without any pain. Since the laser therapy is a non invasive technique it is free from side effects. More over, it is very effective for curing most of the sports related injuries or occupational injuries. Laser therapy is best for healing wounds, especially it can be used for healing wounds for diabetic patients and bed ridden patients although their healing power is very low. By this technology the patients can became free from pain killers. Thus we can see Laser Therapy is a very effective way of treatment for orthopaedic problems.

  • Pain free and Risk free
  • Non-invasive
  • No side effects
  • Enhance healing capability
  • Time less procedure
  • No blood shut
  • No swelling and scarring
  • Can be free from pain killers
  • Simple and Safe
Isomer Clinic in Chennai is providing high quality laser therapy at an affordable cost. There are experts for handling this advanced treatment. Guaranteed quality and reduced cost is our highlight.
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